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Friday, January 20, 2017

The departure of President Obama is really getting to me. Done waiting for some kind of political miracle, I am in mourning over the end of his era and the start of what can only be described as a four-year shit show.

So, see you later, news and social media. For the next few days, instead of paying attention to the inauguration coverage and the first days of the Toupee Fiasco 45th president, I will be:
  • Going to see "Hidden Figures." Based on a true story, it is a movie about a team of African-American women who provide NASA with important mathematical data needed to launch the program's first successful space missions.
  • Going to a museum. Museums throughout NYC are opening their doors, free of charge, in honor of Inauguration day.
  • Finishing a book. A close friend wrote "American Philosophy: A Love Story," and I'm about 2/3 of the way through. My nightstand is piled high with books I've been meaning to start (or finish) and today's the day that stack gets a little bit smaller.
  • Taking a nap while curled up in a ball trying to manage my anxiety about The Biscuit's future as it relates to the incoming administration.
  • Writing letters to people I care about. Not email; ink-on-paper correspondence in my less-than-elegant handwriting. There will be a cup of tea nearby and great music on.
  • Visiting with friends. I'm picky about the people I allow into my circle. Those precious few are scattered all over the world but I make an effort to visit them in person when I can. Social media is great for staying in touch but the ability to hug someone and laugh together is irreplaceable.
  • Celebrating a new mother. A smart, beautiful woman I love and respect is preparing to have her first baby. With the world in turmoil, I'm happy to cover her with affection, wisdom, and encouragement.
No, I will not be attending the Women's March on Washington. This writer so perfectly captures my feelings it's like she's been inside my head. For me, it is time to be still for a couple of days, lest anger and despair get the better of me.

Take care of yourselves. BRB


Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Biscuit and I spent part of the MLK holiday at the Children's Museum of Manhattan.

The oval office setup was a fun surprise and she enjoyed answering the red phone, signing and stamping an executive order and "being money."

A creative recovery

Wednesday, November 23, 2016
Like many, I've been in a post-election hole. Alternating between being depressed, angry, physically ill, scared and numb, I am not ashamed to say I spent much of the last two weeks (has it really only been two weeks?!)  curled in a ball under my bed covers.

Avoiding all news and most of social media is the only way I can stay sane and productive right now.

But last week I was out and about 4 days in a row. A friend's book signing at one of my favorite bookstores helped me reconnect with friends and commiserate a little. A natural hair event held at a ladies-only co-working space boosted me with some much-needed black girl magic. Buying lipstick in a seriously out-of-character shade of neon pink lifted my spirits and made Andy laugh.

I also decided to resurrect my online store. Making things and being creative calms and grounds me when I feel like I'm losing my shit. So, just in time for the start of the holiday shopping season, check out THE SHOP.

It doesn't have a ton in it right now but my sketchbook is bursting with bits and pieces of ideas. Coffee mugs, watercolor art, notebooks, more stationery and baby name prints are in development. And I'm taking suggestions. If there is something you want to see in the shop, please get in touch and we can start the conversation.

The Shop is launching today but be sure to check back during the first week of December for new items.

This should keep me busy  -- and pleasantly distracted -- at least until inauguration day.
Wednesday, November 9, 2016
Gutted. That is how I feel in the last hours of the 2016 election.

As a black person. As a woman. As a mother trying to raise a compassionate child. I am so thoroughly hurt by this election that my body doesn’t know how to respond to the psychological trauma. My stomach is knotted and I have finished sobbing for now but, more tears will come between now and January.

To be clear: I am not afraid of Donald Trump. He is, by all measures, insignificant. However, I am afraid of the people who even thought about electing him. They are racist, gun-loving, homophobic morons who feel entitled to tell a woman what she can and can’t do with her body. They are mostly white people who feel failed by a system that has built them up to feel superior.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

The beautiful Sarah Bassett and I collaborated on fun T-shirt inspired by last night's Presidential Debate.

They are limited edition, custom hand-silkscreened tees, made-to-order. 10% of all proceeds will be donated to Planned Parenthood.

Get yours at http://www.sarahbassy.com/shop/trumped-up-tees

And please vote.

Failure is always an option

Thursday, September 22, 2016
formerly on Fab.com
This poster used to hang in my design studio. It was a reminder that screwing up is sometimes the only way to learn something new. While it took me a long time to accept failure as a valid outcome, today recognizing missteps guides many of my decisions.

As regular readers know, I spent the early part of this year grieving the end of à deux, my luxury wedding stationery line, and intently looking for something new. I'm wasn't sure what direction to head but knew that being open and listening well would help me pave the path.

Back in June, a recruiter randomly contacted me about a senior design role at a small, scrappy design and production agency. They had a team of 3 designers and were looking to restructure and evolve. Since I'd been looking for a small company where I could make a big impact, I was intrigued.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

The Biscuit’s first day of school was a success. #thebiscuitlife #backtoschoolnyc (at PS 84 Elementary School)
Wednesday, August 31, 2016

At Parker’s request, Baby Bunny spent the day at work with me today.
Sunday, August 21, 2016

While everyone in the room was amazed by the beautiful bride in her gorgeous dress, The Biscuit had iPad chess on her mind. #murrayme2016 #thebiscuitlife (at Ventanas)

The Biscuit did a great job as flower girl for Erika and Michael's wedding.

Adventures in Connecticut

Sunday, August 7, 2016


Wednesday, July 20, 2016

For my birthday this year, Andy and I spent two weeks (sans Biscuit) in Italy. That's two weeks of pasta, pizza, gelato, Prosecco and Chianti. It was an amazing trip from Venice to Florence to Central Tuscany and Rome.

The journey ticked off several of my bucket list items: wandering the alleys of Venice, seeing Michaelangelo's David and the Sistine Chapel, making an authentic Italian meal, touring the Vatican, riding a Vespa through the streets of Rome like Audrey Hepburn in the movie "Roman Holiday."

We saw ancient temples and walked on mosaic tiles laid down in the first century. The weather and the people were warm and the food was amazing. I came back about 8 pounds heavier but it was totally worth it.

An unedited gallery of the photos I took can be found HERE.


Entry-level isn't beneath me

Thursday, June 23, 2016
"I think the role we are filling right now is too junior for you at this stage with all of your experience."

"Too much experience" will probably be the title of my memoir one day. And it's a bummer because, so long as I believe in what the company is doing, am enthusiastic about the brand, and have what it takes to do a great job, an entry-level position (with opportunities for growth) can be a wonderful thing.

Being an MVP

Wednesday, June 22, 2016
"We ultimately decided to focus on a candidate whose experience and aesthetic we felt better complement those already on the team."
This is from an email I received from a recruiter who has never met me, spoken to me or knows anything about me other than what's on my résumé and website. When I asked her to be more specific I got ... silence.

Sadly, this is the current state of hiring talent acquisition. Judgements are made not based on what you know or how well you do the job, but are instead based on seven seconds of interaction. I know that sounds bitter but it isn't. It's funny, actually. I am a goddamn MVP in the office but companies hiring right now for my "particular set of skills" will never know that. Poor them.

You're thinking, "That's a bit arrogant, isn't it? What makes you so special?" It's all about my four key abilities.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Me: I have a Yo Gabba Gabba song stuck in my head.
Me: How should I get the song out?
P: Like this. {vigorously rubs my forehead}

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