Dave & Buster's hates babies

Yesterday was my birthday and, just for fun, we went with some friends to the local Dave & Buster’s. We endured a mediocre dinner in the hopes of getting enjoy drinks while kicking each others’ butts at video games and air hockey.

Imagine the disappointment when we were told no one under 21 is allowed at 9:30pm. !!! That’s right, folks. A sleeping infant was asked to leave or risk violating the 21 & up policy at a mostly empty adult arcade.

Mind you, this is after we’d spent almost $300 on said crappy dinner and drinks, after the server upsold us on their Powercharge game cards, and after the operations manager stopped by our table to chat and leave his business card. It’s not like we hid the baby and they didn’t think to tell us about the policy. She was in the stroller tableside. We didn’t find out she had to go until we got ready to play.

The store manager (not the same dude who dropped us his card) was unapologetic as he told us his hands were tied by a deal they made with the city. “Didn’t you see the sign,” he said. Well, no. Do they really think people go to Dave & Buster’s for the food?


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