Strangers STFU

Toddlers can be ridiculous. But worse are people who feel compelled to ask “is that child ok” while I’m dealing with an epic public meltdown.

What are they going to do?! Call the cops to save her from me? Whip out some baby-whisperer moves to calm her down? Suggest I just leave her in the parking lot and start a new childless life somewhere else?

They sure as shit NEVER offer to help while I’ve got a howling, impressively rigid 2.5 year old planking on her car seat because:
I don’t want to buckle up!
I don’t want to go home!
I don’t want to see daddy!
I don’t want a snack!
Don’t take the book (I just threw at you)!

Dear those people: You’re not helping. Step off! I got this.


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