On Andy

He is smart, funny and a genuinely good person. He’s sensitive, handsome and artistic. He’s devoted and patient and loving. He’s awesome with the kid and an outstanding partner. He’s always there when I need him.

He bathes The Biscuit and has gotten really good at braiding hair. He is teaching her to read and do some basic programming. He takes headbutts to the balls with as much grace as one can.

He can fix any computer problem and help me with my websites. He lifts things for me that are too heavy, reaches up to the high shelves and opens stuck jar lids. He shovels and digs the car out after it snows, and opens doors for me.

He kills spiders and other terrible creepy crawlies. Twice he’s saved me from bats who’d encroached on my habitat. He got a mouse once too.

He helps around the house (even if it’s not my preferred way of doing it) without me having to ask. Not only does he refrain from giving me grief when I make mistakes or do things differently than him, he’s always been very agreeable to my way of doing things. And, for the most part, if he notices I prefer to do something a certain way, he tries to remember it in the future.

He pushes me to be better, tells me it’s ok to make mistakes and helps me refocus after I fail or get lost.

We have been together since 2002 and will be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary this summer. I chose him to be my partner and I’m sure I’ve got myself a keeper.


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