Beauty is ...

Thursday, September 24, 2015
In a word, beauty is vulnerability. So says my friend and photographer Shannon Michelle.

She photographed me a few years back in my lingerie. It was a boudoir shoot that became a framed photograph for Andy. Even though I’d known Shannon for a while, I had to down a couple of drinks just to loosen up and feel comfortable enough to take my clothes off in front of a professional lens.
I’ve always had a pretty good relationship with my body. It has flaws, like all bodies do, but I’m mostly good with mine. My grandmother stressed good posture growing up so I almost never slouch. I don’t exercise much and, thanks to genetics, I don’t really have to. I eat well and makes sure I’m not taking in more calories than I can burn. I’m also terribly vain. If I notice a few clinging pounds, I cut back/move more/change things to “fix” that. I wish my butt and hips were a little fuller (like Beyoncé) but everyone wants what they don’t have, I guess.

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