Some days she’s the sweetest kid

Some days she’s an absolute beast.

Every day I get a solid reminder of what motherhood is really about.

Today I took The Biscuit to a lovely children’s bookstore. When we went to grab lunch, a random stranger (who I assume does not read minds) sat down exactly where she wanted to sit. Oh, the injustice!

A toddler screaming at me because a stranger sat at the table she wanted is … exhausting.

Wanting to punch a child is normal, I guess. All parents, whether they can admit it or not, have thought about harming an inconsolable little person. Actually doing such a thing is horrible and I would never hurt The Biscuit like that.

That’s my win today. Not punching my daughter. Instead, I shot video of her screaming on the sidewalk in midtown, kept my composure, hauled her home wailing and flailing (much to the dismay of gawking strangers), poured myself a midday glass of wine and made her Andy’s problem.

No matter how great a job I think I’m doing as a parent, this little person can strip me of whatever pride I have. She makes me feel so inadequate I want to cry and hide.

There is no manual for this and, real talk, I’m out of my league.


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