Spot the brown person

I've been searching for a new job that is a good cultural fit for me after 10+ years of being an entrepreneur. This photo came in my email today from a company hiring in NYC. I took one look at the team and said NOPE! out loud.

Not just because there's only one brown person in the photo. It's larger than that and the issue makes me sad.
This company is a startup, so that it is overwhelmingly white, young, and male isn't too surprising. But start-ups shouldn't get a pass. There are young companies like Slack that are building diverse teams from the beginning and making a real effort to make it part of their core culture.

There are larger forces at play here:
  1. Whoever is doing the hiring seems to be blind to people who are not white and older than 35. If they are only hiring within their social circles, nothing changes. 
  2. I suspect other brown people who react to the photo the same way I did aren't going to apply for a job there because the team looks the way it does. Again, nothing changes. 
  3. Given what looks like a pattern of unconscious bias, I don't think it's wrong to think that I won't even be considered for a position I'm definitely qualified for if none of my peers look like me. 
The sausage-fest is pretty grimace worthy too. *sigh*

The big question for me is: what can I do to fix this? How can I make my peers and potential understand that this is a solvable problem?

I can complain about it all day but I have no idea how to approach it without coming off as the "angry black woman."


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