Wednesday, March 30, 2016

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Saturday, March 26, 2016

We travel in style.

Love is love

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

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Biscuit bathing suits

Is weird that I think baby bikinis are gross?

I would love to know: where do you stand on little girls wearing bikinis? Many of my friends think they are completely normal and fun and innocent. I think they sexualize innocent little girls. For example:

A bit of context: we’re taking a family vacation to Florida soon. This is P’s first trip since being toilet trained and I’m happy to be done with stupid, ineffective swim diapers. Of course, she’s outgrown all of her suits from last summer but, in shopping for new ones, all I can find are skimpy two-piece things.

Why?! For a grown woman, a bikini is basically like wearing a bra and panties to the beach. When they were introduced in 1946, the public initially thought the design was risqué or even scandalous. According to French fashion historian Olivier Saillard, the bikini is perhaps the most popular type of female beachwear around the globe because of “the power of women.” As he explains, “The emancipation of swimwear has always been linked to the emancipation of women.”

WOMEN! Not little girls.

A bikini top sexualizes and highlights something that doesn’t exist on a prepubescent girl. There is nothing sexual about a little girl’s chest. When you put a bikini top on it, it draws unnecessary attention to her body, in my opinion. Besides, you don’t see little boys running around the beach in Speedo briefs (a.k.a. man panties) like most European men. In fact, in my shopping lately, boys’ swimsuits completely cover them up in short-sleeve shirts and long shorts.

Children’s clothes makers produce these overly sexy things because people buy them. And I get that wearing a one-piece suit makes using the bathroom more difficult. But, for as long as I have a say, The Biscuit will be in one kind of two-piece: a sleeved rash guard with either shorts or a full-brief bottom. Like this:
Or this:

Never this:

Or this:

Those are just … ew!

My choice is not only for modesty but full sun protection. The swim shirts make avoiding UV rays so much easier. Have you tried putting sunscreen on a three-nager? That shit’s no fun.

Short hair!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016
Every woman gets a bad haircut at least once in her life. Thankfully, The Biscuit’s hair trauma befell her before she could really appreciate the horror.
With near-waist-length hair, Andy and I had been battling P’s serious tangles. Every bath included tears and shouts of “you’re hurting me!” while struggling to detangle her knots. We decided it was time to remove the drama and get her a short cut.
Cozy Cuts is our neighborhood kid-friendly hair salon. It’s where she got her very first haircut last year and she likes the toddler-friendly environment. Here is a picture of the goal:

For the uninitiated, curly hair is a challenge to cut and style and I have my own bad haircut stories. When we lived in Boston, I insisted on traveling to NYC every three months to make sure my curls were taken care of by stylists who specialize in textured hair. As it turns out, my salon doesn’t service kids under five so we went back to Cozy Cuts with fingers crossed.

While Parker was happy to be free of the excess weight, the result was a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Haircut. The stylist had NO CLUE how to cut non-straight hair and basically just lopped off six inches without even attempting to layer it into a nice shape. The uneven mess of a result was so unacceptable, I immediately made an appointment at Ouidad: the curly-hair experts.

She was a great client and sat patiently for two washings. After a stellar re-cut by Virginia, some styling tips, a bit of product and 30 minutes under a hair dryer, The Biscuit’s curls look a thousand times better.

While we are thrilled with the result, this was a grown-up hair experience with a VERY grown-up price tag. Virginia assured me this will grow out nicely and shouldn’t need to be recut for a while. Good.

Some things are too good for my child and there’s NO WAY P and I are paying the same price for haircuts.

New obsession

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Andy gave me a fountain pen for Christmas and I'm in love with writing again.

Don't get me wrong, I've always been fond of hand-written notes. But in the age of email and other electronic communication, I really only write thank-you notes these days.

Big chop

Wednesday, March 9, 2016
The Biscuit got more than six inches of hair cut off yesterday. She seems to like it and we’re hoping it alleviates detangling battles.

The Nu Project

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Last fall I posted about my friend's art photography project. He's traveled the world taking pictures of volunteers who want to display the human body as it really is — without editing, airbrushing or alteration — in their homes, smiling and enjoying themselves.

In an effort to increase the ethnic diversity in the collection, I opened my big mouth signed up to be a part of the second edition of the book. It arrived in my mailbox last week and it is stunning. I noticed more diversity right away. Not just ethnicities, but also age, gender and body size, among other things. Like the first book, this one is an honestly beautiful work and the back cover image is truly fascinating.

The book and the bodies within are beautiful and I'm honored to be part of such an epic piece of art. If you're into this sort of this, both volumes of the book are available on The Nu Project website. Wheee!

This is an outtake from the shoot and NOT the image of me that appears in the book. You'll have to buy a copy for that.

It's all about the hustle

Monday, March 7, 2016

Things I've learned since October 2015:
  • Changing careers is full-time job without any perks.
  • Job boards like Indeed or networking sites like LinkedIn are pretty useless if you don't fit into rigidly defined job requirements.
  • In-person networking is exhausting but very necessary.
  • Recruiters and head hunters are on par with real estate brokers when it comes to their motives and level of honesty.

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