The Nu Project

Last fall I posted about my friend's art photography project. He's traveled the world taking pictures of volunteers who want to display the human body as it really is — without editing, airbrushing or alteration — in their homes, smiling and enjoying themselves.

In an effort to increase the ethnic diversity in the collection, I opened my big mouth signed up to be a part of the second edition of the book. It arrived in my mailbox last week and it is stunning. I noticed more diversity right away. Not just ethnicities, but also age, gender and body size, among other things. Like the first book, this one is an honestly beautiful work and the back cover image is truly fascinating.

The book and the bodies within are beautiful and I'm honored to be part of such an epic piece of art. If you're into this sort of this, both volumes of the book are available on The Nu Project website. Wheee!

This is an outtake from the shoot and NOT the image of me that appears in the book. You'll have to buy a copy for that.


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