What I'm reading

Now that The Biscuit is older and needs less of my attention, I have time to read non-kid books again.

Before she was born, I used to love to read collections of short stories. While I was pregnant, I devoured every parenting book mentioned in the New York Times. In the last four years, I've read just four books: Between the World and Me, Flash Fiction: 72 Very Short Stories and both of Jenny Lawson's hilarious masterpieces.

One book a year seems kind of sad, right?

Meanwhile, The Biscuit is a voracious reader. She likes to pour over the backs a cereal boxes, always has multiple books in her bed at night and consistently informs me about the rules on neighborhood signage.

These days, I get to read on vacation, the subway or before bed. But I haven't gone back to my beloved short stories. I just finished Give and Take. Team of Teams is already underway and Never Eat Alone is on deck after that. I have three more unopened Flash Fiction books on my nightstand that are now more decorative than anything else.

I have a theory that the kinds of things I'm drawn to has changed. As I get older, relationships and experiences are more important than they were before. Becoming a mother has helped me value my time more, accept my mortality and seek out fuller relationships in work and life.

This isn't to say that reading for fun isn't still important. But I think what I "need" from my book-reading time is evolving, just like the rest of my life. 2016 is about focusing less on what I want and more on what I have; less on my mistakes and setbacks and more on my unlimited potential. I am doing my best to focus less on my thoughts and more on my heart.

Lofty goals, no doubt. I'm just doing some emotional tidying up and decluttering. But enough about me. What are you reading right now?


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