Current stats: 42.5 inches tall; 38.8 pounds

Tooth count: She’s got the full set of 20 and her dentist says she’s got “good spacing” for when the adult teeth come in.

New tricks: Lots of “why” questions

We’ve been in New York City for a year now. Still loving it, especially now that spring is warming things up. Just like last year, Parker is ALWAYS talking; to us, to herself, to her toys. Only now everything starts with “why.”

“Why is it raining?” Because the clouds are full.
“Why are the clouds full?” Because water evaporated into the sky.
“Why does it go up there?” Because it’s part of the water cycle.
“Why?” … and so it goes.
The only time she’s quiet is when she’s reading to herself, playing an iPad game or watching a movie. Current favorites are My Little Pony and The Powerpuff Girls.

Lightning the Queen  =  Lightning McQueen, the star of the movie Cars
Cake ee oh key  =  karaoke
Rain boops  =  rain boots
Money phone  =  payphone
High Bow  =  HBO
Pokey Pine  =  porcupine
The M store  =  McDonald’s

We decided to keep this birthday low key. No party or anything but she had cake and the song at preschool.

That’s right: parenting achievement unlocked. I made my first-ever homemade birthday cake. She asked me for “an orange cake with orange icing, sprinkles, and a number four candle.”

This mama delivered. The raspberries got added so it was a tiny bit healthy. Yes, they’re organic.
Like the very specific cake request, The Biscuit also has definitive gift demands: a blue light saber (from Star Wars) and a tool set.


Also, she’s been in the same crib/toddler bed for four years. She’ll be too long for it shortly so coming soon, from my wish list, is a fun, new loft bed.


For her birthday dinner, we went to Benihana. Their motto is “It’s not just a meal. It’s an experience.” Parker had never been to a hibachi “experience” before and she enjoyed the flaming onion volcano, egg juggling and shrimp tossing. Of course the ice cream sundae and song at the end made her night.

She refused to wear her menu/hat so Andy indulged me.

Speaking of Andy, we’re amazing parents. That’s not bragging. I’m very proud of how we’re raising her together. Yes, she drives us mad at times. Yes, I wish she wasn’t quite so smart and sassy. But with any luck, she’ll continue to be a kind, empathetic, worldly, intelligent young lady who laughs easily and looks at the world with infinite curiosity.

As always, videos Parker are online at


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